11 septembrie 2019
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11 septembrie 2019, Comments: Comentariile sunt închise pentru Comparatie intre QlikView si Power BI

1. Diferențele dintre QlikView și Power BI

Both Microsoft Power BI and QlikView are quite popular Business Intelligence tools. They provide all the basic functionalities of a BI tool like data analysis, modelling and data visualization. However, they have some differentiating factors between them which make both the tools unique in their own ways. We can only see the differences amongst the two upon looking closely and analyzing or comparing.

a. Ease of Operating
QlikView is a little complex because it offers many functions and visualization options which can too much to understand for a new user

Power BI is comparatively simple and intuitive. It is just like an advanced MS Excel.

b. Integration with other tools
QlikView depends upon external APIs for support which has its limitations.

Power BI has the best accessibility and easy integration to the Microsoft tools like Excel, SQL Server, Dynamics NAV etc. Microsoft Power BI is better in terms of infrastructure support also as it can very easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Google Analytics, GitHub, comScore, Adobe Analytics, Circuit ID, Azure Mobile Management, Mailchimp, MS Excel, and many more

c. Data Access and Sharing

QlikView uses an in-memory architecture which makes accessing data from sources way faster than the traditional ones. Collaborating and sharing of data is easier in QlikView.

Power BI Data Access and Sharing is not easy in Microsoft Power BI.

d. Complexity
QlikView – One clear drawback with QlikView is its complexity. Only the data scientists or professional programmers can work efficiently on it. The tool is extremely detailed and no one other than a professional data scientist can deal with it properly.
Power BI Although both the tools offer similar features, users of Power BI can use more of them because they are user-friendly hence easy to use as compared to the coding centric and consummate features in QlikView.

e. Analytical Capabilities
QlikView is good at analytics but runs second to Power BI.

Power BI has a better analytical capability than QlikView as it provides fact-based reports of the analysis of the dataset.

f. Data Management Capability

QlikView enables the user to manipulate the tool even at back-end levels. This makes this tool better in organization’s data management than Power BI. One more reason for supporting this is better data storage options and ETL provision.

Power BI, while pretty good at data management itself, Power BI lets Qlikview take the cake.

g. Cost
QlikView It is expensive.

Microsoft Power BI is more cost-effective than QlikView with its straightforward fee structure.

2. In concluzie

Prin urmare, dupa ce am alaturat cele doua instrumente de analiza QlikView si Power BI și am ajuns să cunoaștem că Microsoft Power BI ar putea fi o alegere mai bună față de QlikView. Oferind o suită Microsoft sănătoasă ca opțiune pentru integrare și suport cloud. Power BI este ușor înaintea QlikView. Cu toate acestea, ambele instrumente sunt eficiente în propriile lor modalități. Nimeni nu trebuie să facă nedreptate prin alegerea unui câștigător clar între cei doi. Mai mult, dacă ne lipsește ceva sau doriți să împărtășiți informații cu noi, vă rugăm să consultați secțiunea noastră de comentarii. Cu siguranță ne vom întoarce la tine!