We are presents on SEAP / SICAP

Each product marketed, as well as the services provided by MASTER SYSTEM EXPERT are available for public procurement and through the SEAP / SICAP platform. The contracting authorities that will start the public procurement process through the SEAP / SICAP platform will benefit from special conditions. Send an email with the beginning of the subject "SEAP offer:" to the following email address: seap@mastersystem.ro with the request your products or services. We will respond with priority, submitting an offer, and if we have exactly what you are looking for, we will start the purchase directly through SEAP / SICAP. To facilitate this procedure, a sales consultant will be at your disposal.

What does SEAP / SICAP mean?

The electronic public procurement system (SEAP / SICAP) is the public utility information system, accessible via the Internet at an address www.e-licitație.ro, used for the purpose of making public procurement by electronic means.
www.e-licitație.ro (including its sub-domains) is the official website of the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP / SICAP) operated by the Agency for the Digital Agenda of Romania (A.A.D.R.). The use and operation of SEAP / SICAP is carried out in accordance with the legal provisions in the field of public procurement through electronic auctions and in accordance with the legal provisions in the field of public procurement.

SEAP / SICAP objectives

· Transparency and efficiency of the procurement process involving public funds
· Simplifying the procedure for participating in the auction of the suppliers
· Efficient and standardized working procedures
· Reducing public spending by reducing procurement prices
· Providing public information on public procurement processes and auditing the public procurement process
· Providing a high security and confidence framework for carrying out public funds management activities.

Procurement procedures

The procurement procedures found in the system are in line with the European classification in the field, SEAP can be considered a system compatible with the requirements of the European community and is carried out by:
· Open tenders, in which any tenderer can participate
· Restricted auctions, characterized by the existence of the preliminary selection stage, which is an elimination process


The details related to public procurement are available to anyone who has an Internet connection. In the public section of the system are available regarding any purchase:
· Information about the auction organizer
· Details on how to organize
· Winning bid
· The name of the successful bidder

Participants in the SEAP / SICAP system

· Contracting authorities - entities that can organize tenders: public institutions
· Bidders - economic agents providing products and services
· Supervisory and control authorities - institutions that verify the activity of the contracting authorities
· Appraisers, notaries, banks
· the large public
· Reputable developers